Our Strategic Plan sets out our priorities for the next three years and what we aim to achieve. 

We will:

  • Provide independent assurance on the safety quality and availability of healthcare by effective regulation and reporting openly and clearly on inspections and investigations
  • Encourage and support improvements in care through reporting and sharing good practice and areas where actions is require
  • Place patient experience at the heart of our inspection and investigation processes.
  • Use our experience of service delivery to influence policy, standards and practice.

We review our plan annually so that our activities and priorities can be updated to reflect the ever changing environment in which we work.

Operational Plan 2017-2018

Our Operational Plan sets out our key priorities for the year ahead. It allows us to make clear to both the NHS and independent healthcare sector how we intend to fulfil our responsibilities as the inspectorate for healthcare services in Wales and sets clear expectations to which stakeholders and the public can hold us to account. 

It provides information on the broad areas in which we will be working but reflects the increasing flexibility with which we manage our programme in light of information emerging from the public, partner organisations, and healthcare providers themselves.  


Last updated: 14 Jun 2017