Our purpose

To check that people in Wales are receiving good care.

Our values

  • Patient-centred: we place patients, service users and public experience at the heart of what we do
  • Integrity: we are open and honest in the way we operate
  • Independent: we act and make objective judgments based on what we see
  • Collaborative: we build effective partnerships internally and externally
  • Professional: we maintain high standards of delivery and constantly seek to improve
  • Proportional: we act efficiently, effectively and proportionately in our approach.

Our Priorities

Through our work we aim to:

  • Provide assurance: Provide an independent view on the quality of care.
  • Promote improvement: Encourage improvement through reporting and sharing of good practice.
  • Influence policy and standards: Use what we find to influence policy, standards and practice.

Last updated: 8 Nov 2017