Peer Reviewers work alongside our staff to carry out a variety of inspection, review and investigation programmes throughout NHS service areas and Independent Healthcare services across Wales.

We use the Peer Reviewer's knowledge and skills to ensure our work is based on current practice and experience, so that good practice can be highlighted or areas of concerns can be addressed. This ensures that patients experience good quality and safe care.

As a Peer Reviewer you will gain inspection, review and investigation experience and will improve your analytical, drafting, team working and communication skills.

If you are interested in getting involved in the work that we do and becoming a Peer Reviewer, email with your name, contact details and a brief summary of your professional expertise.

Your details will be kept on file and we will contact you as soon as we hold campaigns to attract Peer Reviewers with specific skills and experience.

Further information

You can find information on our inspection, review and investigation programmes in our  Operational Plan.

Last updated: 9 Oct 2018