Private Dentists

DBS Guidance for Private Dentists

2017-18 is a transition year where dentists working at a private dental practice that is not yet registered under the Private Dentistry (Wales) Regulations 2017 will still need to register or remain registered with us under the Private Dentistry (Wales) Regulations 2008 until all practices where they work are registered under the 2017 Regulations. 

For an application to register under the 2008 regulations dentists will need to supply either:

  • an application for DBS check countersigned by HIW; or 
  • a DBS certificate obtained by the dentist within the last three years when applying to be included on a NHS Performers List.

Under Regulation 13 and Schedule 2(2) of the Regulations , all dentists registered with us must have an enhanced criminal record certificate available at all times that is dated within the last three years. 

Umbrella Bodies

Applications for a DBS check can be made through an umbrella body. Umbrella bodies are organisations that are registered with the DBS to countersign applications for other employers. There is a list of umbrella bodies on the DBS website. 

The DBS sends a copy of the certificate to the applicant only – the umbrella body does not receive a copy of the certificate.

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