Update on National Review of Maternity Services in Wales

The publication of the report following our inspection of maternity services at Wrexham Maelor Hospital marks a waypoint in our National Review of Maternity Services in Wales.

We launched the review in June 2019, and to date we have undertaken unannounced inspections of inpatient maternity services within 15 NHS hospitals in Wales. All 15 of our reports from these inspections are now available on our website.

As well as inspecting hospital inpatient maternity services throughout Wales, we also inspected a number of smaller NHS maternity units that are opened on demand and therefore do not operate 24 hours a day. Women can choose to give birth at these units as part of their birth plan and they are known as ‘Home from Home’ maternity units. We inspected all ten of these units, which are located across rural Wales, and we aim to publish the findings from these inspections in due course.

We will provide a further update on the next steps of the review in the coming weeks.

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