Voluntary Lay Reviewer

Do you want to make a difference to healthcare services in Wales? We need volunteers to help us make sure that patients are receiving good quality care while using healthcare services in Wales.

What is a Voluntary Lay Reviewer?

Voluntary Lay Reviewers (volunteers) are members of the public who give up their time to help us during our inspections and reviews of healthcare services in Wales. 

What does a Voluntary Lay Reviewer do?

Volunteers (Lay Reviewers) work alongside our Review Teams  to make sure healthcare services are safe for patients.
Volunteers are an important part of the inspection and review process. While our Review Team are making sure that healthcare services are complying with regulations and standards, volunteers talk to patients about the treatment and care they are receiving from healthcare services.

What skills do I need to become a Voluntary Lay Reviewer?

Volunteers don’t need to have specific qualifications but we do ask that volunteers:

  • have good communication skills
  • are honest and open 
  • are non judgemental, non biased
  • are good team players
  • have good observation skills
  • have awareness and commitment to equality and diversity
  • are keen willingness to work to the values of HIW
  • be able to concentrate in a busy environment 

How will this role help you?

By taking part in our inspections and reviews you will have a chance to learn more about the way health services work.  Inspection and review helps to highlight areas of good practice which can be shared.  You will be part of this and will be helping to improve the quality of services in Wales.

How do I apply?

You can apply by completing the job application form below. We do recommend that you read the 'Information Pack’ below before completing the application form.


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