Part two of the Regulations relates to Accountable Officers. Health care bodies which include Local Health Boards, NHS Trusts and Welsh Independent Hospitals must appoint Accountable Officers who make the arrangements that relate to the regulations, this includes safe disposal and auditing.

Accountable Officers also have responsibilities for others whose work involves  controlled drugs within their health care body.  These responsibilities include keeping records of the investigation of concerns and taking action where appropriate.

During the assessment of a concern the Accountable Officer decides if an investigation is needed.  They may investigate personally or ask another employee to do so.  In some cases, they  may ask officers or employees from other responsible bodies to carry out an investigation or joint investigation.

Accountable Officers need to make sure that self-assessments are received from the General Medical Practitioners on their health care bodies’ medical performers’ list and when requested they must be prepared to provide this and related information to HIW.  Accountable officers for Local Health Boards are also responsible for setting up Local Intelligence Networks for their area, which also relates to the management and use of controlled drugs.

There are limitations on who may be an Accountable Officer.  Health care bodies must notify our Chief Executive of the nomination and removal of Accountable Officers.


Last updated: 21 Nov 2017