Independent healthcare services

DBS Guidance for Independent Healthcare providers

For the purposes of registration, DBS checks must be carried out on persons seeking to carry on, manage or work at an establishment or agency. DBS checks for Registered Managers must be carried out by us. (The Independent Health Care (Wales) Regulations 2011, Schedule 2).

While there is no specific requirement in the Regulations stating that a DBS must be renewed, there is however an ongoing requirement that workers remain ‘fit’ (Regulation 21).  

Upon registration and inspection we need to be satisfied that the provider has a system in place for ensuring workers remain ‘fit’.  

Regulation 16 requires that providers make suitable arrangements for safeguarding patients from abuse.  Regulation 19 requires that patients must be protected against the risks of inappropriate or unsafe care and treatment. Independent healthcare services will need to demonstrate how they are meeting these requirements.

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