We’ve published our Strategic and Operational Plans

Find out about new goal and strategic priorities for 2018-21

Our goal is to encourage improvement in healthcare by doing the right work at the right time in the right place; ensuring what we  do is communicated well and makes a difference.

Our new strategy responds to the Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care, and the long term plan for health and social care in Wales, “A Healthier Wales”. It outlines four strategic priorities which focus on partnership, pathways and prevention. 

Our new priorities

  1. To maximise the impact of our  work to support improvement in healthcare. 
  2. To take action when standards are not met. 
  3. To be more visible. 
  4. To develop  our people and organisation to do the best possible job. 

The Operational Plan also published today, gives an overview of the broad areas we  plan to review during this financial year and contains the specific detail of  our planned activity for 2018-19.

Chief Executive Dr Kate Chamberlain said:

The long-term plan for health and social care in Wales, “A Healthier Wales”, sets a clear vision for improving health and well-being, and for providing joined up health and care which is appropriate to the needs of the individual. The challenge for Healthcare Inspectorate Wales is to ensure that all our activity supports services in achieving this vision. 

HIW is a small organisation with a big job to do. Our strategic plan sets direction, but is not set in stone. We will  respond to changing circumstances and the introduction of new models of care and be flexible in the way that we achieve our priorities. We look forward to working with patients and services to support the transformation of care in Wales.  

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