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Our Strategic and Operational Plans

What we want to achieve over the next 3 years and how we plan to do it.


Our Strategic Plan sets out our priorities for the next three years and what we aim to achieve.

Through our work we aim to:

Provide assurance:
Provide an independent view on the quality of care.
Promote improvement:
Encourage improvement through reporting and sharing of good practice
Influence policy and standards:
Use what we find to influence policy, standards and practice

Our goal is to:

Encourage improvement in healthcare by doing the right work at the right time in the right place; ensuring what we do is communicated well and makes a difference

We will focus on 4 main priorities:

  1. To maximise the impact of our work to support improvement in healthcare
  2. To take action when standards are not met
  3. To be more visible
  4. To develop our people and organisation to do the best possible job

We will know we have achieved our goal when:

  1. Services improve the care they provide to patients as a result of our work
  2. People have confidence we will identify when standards are not met and that we will take appropriate action
  3. People are better informed about our work
  4. We effectively deliver our work programmes, making the best use of our resources

We review our plan annually so that our activities and priorities can be updated to reflect the ever changing environment in which we work.

Operational Plan 2020–21

Our Operational Plan details what work we plan to carry out for the remainder of this planning year. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have amended our approach to our work significantly. As well as outlining what we plan to do, our operational plan also sets how we plan to do it.


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