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19 Nov 2020
5 Nov 2020

We’ve published our operational plan for 2020-2021.

22 Oct 2020

In its annual report published today [Thursday 22 October] Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) has summarised the findings of over 200 inspections and reviews published during 2019-20 and prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

13 Oct 2020

We have published our review of how the breast screening process in Breast Test Wales is managed for women who have an abnormal screening mammogram.

5 Oct 2020

The Chief Executives of Care Inspectorate Wales and Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, Gillian Baranski and Alun Jones, have jointly written to the chief executives of local authorities, health boards and NHS trusts across Wales to share some of the key issues that have arisen in their work over the past six months. It is clear that issues highlighted will need to be tackled both nationally and locally and the intention is that they will be considered in planning and improving for what will no doubt be a challenging winter period for the health and social care system in Wales.

30 Sep 2020

The review of patient management arrangements in the Welsh Ambulance Service’s Emergency Medical Service Clinical Contact Centres makes recommendations to help improve the quality of the service.

2 Sep 2020

In December 2019, we took part in a Joint Inspection of Child Protection Arrangements (JICPA) in Newport. The joint inspection was the first pilot inspection in Wales involving five inspectorates reviewing child protection arrangements.

12 Aug 2020

A joint report between ourselves and Care Inspectorate Wales

17 Jul 2020

Find out more information about how we’ve responded to COVID-19 and our approach to assurance and inspection over the coming months.

19 Jun 2020

We’ve published a COVID-19 position statement, which outlines the actions we’ve taken in response to the pandemic and our approach to the challenges we’re continuing to face. It also sets out how we’ll adapt our work as COVID-19 restrictions change.